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  • Bowl Feed Scoop

    Bowl Feed Scoop

    Robust feed scoop with a plastic coated metal handle for durability.
  • Dustbin with Lockable Lid

    Dustbin with Lockable Lid

    A lightweight yet strong and durable dustbin with carry handles and a secure locking lid.
  • Elico Equine Decahedron

    Elico Equine Decahedron

    A twenty-sided, Equine Boredom-Buster. Fill with pony nuts or treats and let the horse play - with tasty rewards.
  • Elim-A-Net


    Much more than your average haynet! The 'Inner Net Design'™ creates a physical barrier which alters the shape and size of the holes compared to a standard haynet to prevent rapid forage consumption and over eating.
  • Megarope Premium 6mm x 200m

    Megarope Premium 6mm x 200m

    Megarope Premium is good for long semi-permanent fences and can be used for shorter perimeter fences.
  • Sirocco 5kg

    Sirocco 5kg

    A horse litter conditioner specially formulated. It absorbs fluids and moisture from litters, hinders conversion of urine to ammonia gases.
  • Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

    Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

    The Tyre Rubber Feed Skip is made from recycled tyres and is an ideal skip for animals. This skip is perfect for heavy duty and is strong, flexible and long-lasting. 
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