Treats & Training

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  • Antos Antlers

    Antos Antlers

    Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting and are odourless to humans.
    Extra Large
  • Beco Poo Bags 120 Pack

    Beco Poo Bags 120 Pack

    The Beco Bags 120 Pack (8 X 15) the degradable poop bags with recycled cardboard core. Extra large, and super thick.
  • Beco Poo Bags Dispenser

    Beco Poo Bags Dispenser

    Poop bag holder is made from bamboo and a degradable plastic. Supplied with 15 degradable bags.
  • Bitch Spray 150ml

    Bitch Spray 150ml

    Protects bitches in season by discouraging the unwanted attention of dogs.
  • Bonio Original 12.5k

    Bonio Original 12.5k

    Another Mouth-Watering Variation On Bonio Original,
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  • Clix Training Dummy

    Clix Training Dummy

    The Training Dummy is designed for retrieval training. It is brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find.
  • Cooked Knuckle Bones Box of 20

    Cooked Knuckle Bones Box of 20

    British beef oven roasted knuckle bones, 100% natural grain and gluten free , low odour and super long lasting.
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  • Lanyard for Whistle

    Lanyard for Whistle

    3mm traditional rope lanyards with fixed neck loop and adjustable swivel clip.
  • Pedigree Mini Markies 1.5kg

    Pedigree Mini Markies 1.5kg

    Pedigree® Markies are delicious biscuity treats with real marrowbone. A nutritious treat that your dog will love.
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  • Pet Corrector 50ml

    Pet Corrector 50ml

    The Pet Corrector is a convenient, portable interrupter of undesirable behaviour, that provides a warning hiss.
  • Pet Munchies Chicken Strips 80g

    Pet Munchies Chicken Strips 80g

    Pet Munchies Chicken Strips Treats for Dogs are made from the finest quality meat delicately cooked in its own natural juices.
  • Pet Munchies Duck Twists 80g

    Pet Munchies Duck Twists 80g

    A premium gourmet dental stick with succulent twists of 100% natural duck breast wrapped around a rawhide stick.
  • Pet Stuff Poop Bags

    Pet Stuff Poop Bags

    Refillable poop bag dispenser, available in 3 different colours. Easily clips on to a lead, belt or bag. Includes 30 bags.
  • Petsentials Training Pads

    Petsentials Training Pads

    Disposable puppy training pads make house training easy. The hygienic way to house train young puppies.
  • Puppy Training Pads 14 Pack

    Puppy Training Pads 14 Pack

    Paper training is a lot cleaner and easier with Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads.
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  • Whimzees Chew Medium

    Whimzees Chew Medium

    The Whimzees are made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew.
  • Winalot Shapes

    Winalot Shapes

    Winalot Shapes are a variety of exciting, crunchy biscuits for your dog to enjoy as a treat.