Topspec Donkey Forage Balancer 20kg

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Designed to be fed to donkeys from three weeks of age upwards to l promote general health, improve hoof quality and good skin.
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Donkey Forage Balancer is designed to be fed to donkeys from three weeks of age upwards. It provides essential vitamins and minerals plus amino acids, pure specific yeast and MOS (mannan oligosaccharides) to balance forage (usually in the form of grass, straw, hay or chop). Donkey Forage Balancer is formulated without cereals and is ‘Non-Heating.’ The low protein, low sugar and starch, low calorie but high fibre formula will not promote weight gain and can be used as an important part of a weight reduction programme when the rest of the diet is also calorie-controlled.

Using Donkey Forage Balancer will promote general health, greatly improve hoof quality and produce a supple skin with a strong coat. Donkey Forage Balancer helps to maintain a healthy immune system. It is palatable and pelleted and can be fed on its own in a bucket or by hand.

Feeding trials at The Donkey Sanctuary have shown that the best way of delivering an optimal level of nutrition, without promoting weight gain, is to feed small amounts of a multi-supplement in a concentrated, palatable pellet such as Donkey Forage Balancer which is designed to be fed with forage, avoiding the need to add excess calories to the donkey’s diet.

For donkeys that need to gain condition it is recommended that TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer is fed.

High fibre oat by-product, grass, linseed expeller, wheatfeed, unmolassed beet pulp, soya hulls (GM), vitamin and mineral premix, molasses, soya bean meal (GM), methionine, yeast, MOS. 

Nutritional Information
Oil % 3.3
Protein % 11.5
Fibre % 19.0
DE MJ/kg 8.9
Starch % 6.5
Calcium % 2.2
Magnesium % 0.6
Vitamin E IU/kg 2,500
Biotin mg/kg 30.0


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Type Donkey
Category Balancers
Catagory Donkeys
Product Type Feed
Product Code 0000013772-000025872
Weight 20kg