Tack Cleaners

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  • Connolly Hide Care

    Connolly Hide Care

    A traditional lanoline based bees' wax treatment for fine leather goods, upholstery and clothing.
  • Effax Leather Balsam 500ml

    Effax Leather Balsam 500ml

    Extremely valuable leather care with substances which ensure long life and reliability of leather equipment.
  • Effax Leather Grease 500ml

    Effax Leather Grease 500ml

    After cleaning, simply apply to leather as a conditioner. Natural raw ingredients replenish lost grease.
  • Effax Leather Soft 500ml

    Effax Leather Soft 500ml

    As a result of the special mixture of lanolin and avocado oil, the leather becomes supple, tear-proof and soft.
  • Horseman's One Step 425g

    Horseman's One Step 425g

    A convenient one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat and salt while helping to restore a natural shine.
  • Hydrophane  Saddle Soap

    Hydrophane Saddle Soap

    Hyrophane Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap is the traditional way to clean and condition all types of leather tack!
  • Jeffries Leather Cream 500ml

    Jeffries Leather Cream 500ml

    Jeffries Natural Leathercare has been formulated to maximise the longevity, safety and comfort of your saddlery.
  • Lincoln Metal Polish

    Lincoln Metal Polish

    For use on all non plated metal items. Produces a brilliant shine and offers protection against corrosion.
  • Lincoln Tack Sponge

    Lincoln Tack Sponge

    The sponge scientifically designed to thoroughly clean leather tack without scratching.
  • NAF Leather Balsam 400g

    NAF Leather Balsam 400g

    An intensive conditioner designed to penetrate and nourish tack, keeping it luxuriously soft and supple. With free sponge inside for easy application.
  • NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml

    NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml

    Cleans. Easy to use quick drying everyday cleaner to swiftly lift and remove grease, sweat and dirt from leather tack, leaving it clean and ready to be conditioned.
  • NAF Neatsfoot Oil 500ml

    NAF Neatsfoot Oil 500ml

    Softens and Preserves. The traditional choice to nourish and re-hydrate dried out, brittle leather, or to soften new tack.
  • NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Food

    NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Food

    Feed and nourish your tack with this luxurious rich lotion to revitalise and moisturise recently cleaned or new leatherwork.
  • NAF Soft Soap 450g

    NAF Soft Soap 450g

    Cleans & Protects. Easy to apply glycerine based saddle soap with citronella for use on leather tack.
  • NAF Solid  Soap

    NAF Solid Soap

    Cleans & Protects . A traditional glycerine based saddle soap bar with citronella for use on all leather tack.
  • NAF Synthetic Spray 500ml

    NAF Synthetic Spray 500ml

    A quick tack cleaner to effortlessly transform dirty, soiled synthetic tack. Suitable for all synthetic tack including saddles, bridles and boots.
  • Rapide Leather Gel 200ml

    Rapide Leather Gel 200ml

    Rapide Leathergel is developed to clean and feed leather it will keep your tack supple, water resistant and lustrous.