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  • Allen & Page Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg

    Allen & Page Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg

    Pygmy Goat Mix is a wholesome feed with higher fibre levels. With added dried fruit and vegetables, similar to those which Pygmy goats would naturally forage for.
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  • Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Probably the most absorbent bedding money can buy. 100% natural, organically cultivated hemp.
  • Badminton Country Cubes 20kg

    Badminton Country Cubes 20kg

    An easy-to-feed, versatile ration which, like Country Mix, offers those with a range of ruminant stock.
  • Badminton Country Pig Nuts 20kg

    Badminton Country Pig Nuts 20kg

    A versatile fully balanced ration designed to suit pigs of all ages and stages of development.
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  • Badminton Country Sheep Nuts 20kg

    Badminton Country Sheep Nuts 20kg

    A fully balanced, easy-to-feed ration for sheep of all ages. Highly digestible micronised wheat and fibre sources.
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  • Badminton Pedigree Sheep Mix 20kg

    Badminton Pedigree Sheep Mix 20kg

    A highly palatable coarse mix, scientifically formulated for sheep of all ages, including lambs, rams and ram lambs.
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  • Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    100% natural formulation. Effectively repels all types of sucking and biting lice and mite for up to 24 hours.
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  • Barrier Pesky Pest 1 Litre

    Barrier Pesky Pest 1 Litre

    A 100% natural, no-rinse wash that penetrates deep down to help protect, soothe and calm irritated, bitten areas.
  • Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Suitable for use on all animals. For use on superficial wounds, cuts, abrasions, scabs, bites, cracked, sore heels and other seasonal related problems.
  • Barrier Red Mite Powder 500g

    Barrier Red Mite Powder 500g

    Effective repellent to be applied directly to birds and poultry as proactive deterrents to infestation or to rectify an existing problem.
  • Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Suitable for application to cuts and wounds to maintain the optimum conditions for the natural healing process.
  • Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    The ORIGINAL yellow cream. A soothing, antibacterial fly cream for cuts/grazes on horses or maggot fly problems in sheep.
  • Battles Udder Cream 400g

    Battles Udder Cream 400g

    A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores on skin.
  • Bowl Feed Scoop

    Bowl Feed Scoop

    Robust feed scoop with a plastic coated metal handle for durability.
  • Cut Maize 20kg

    Cut Maize 20kg

    Cut maize is an ideal feed stuff for poultry, and has an improved digestibility compared to whole maize.
  • Dengie Alfalfa Pellets 20kg

    Dengie Alfalfa Pellets 20kg

    Contains pure alfalfa and are a high-fibre source for horses, ponies and other animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats and camelids.
  • Dengie Fresh Bed

    Dengie Fresh Bed

    From: £9.50
    Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens is a chopped straw bedding with pine oil added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
    50 Litres
    100 Litres
  • Devon (Yellow) Haylage Timothy

    Devon (Yellow) Haylage Timothy

    A high fibre ryegrass great for fussy feeders and suitable for native breeds, good-doers and laminitics due to its low sugar content.
  • Di Martino Mary 5 Pressure Spray

    Di Martino Mary 5 Pressure Spray

    A medium sized pressure sprayer suitable for tack rooms, stable & horse boxes. This sprayer is supplied with a lance, which is particularly resistant to chemical products.
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  • Equimins Dy-nomite 500g

    Equimins Dy-nomite 500g

    The directional nozzle makes it easy to get into all the hen house nooks and crannies where the red mite live.
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  • Eton Aluminium Feed Scoop 1kg

    Eton Aluminium Feed Scoop 1kg

    The aluminium feed scoop is a better way to dispense your animal feed as the scoop holds 1kg of food and is more hygienic than your hands.
  • Eton TSF6 Plastic Feeder 6kg

    Eton TSF6 Plastic Feeder 6kg

    ETON TSF6 is a robust plastic feeder with a twistlock base fitting. Ideal for use with poultry and all other avain species.
  • Fibremax Approx 20kg

    Fibremax Approx 20kg

    FIBREMAX is specifically designed to offer horse owners a sustainable, affordable bedding made from recycled wood fibre.
  • First Aid Carry Case

    First Aid Carry Case

    Handy first aid carry case for carrying human or veterinary items. (Supplied Empty)
  • Flaked Peas 20kg

    Flaked Peas 20kg

    Micronized Flaked Peas are a high quality, cooked, straight feedstuff, suitable for a wide range of livestock including horses, sheep, cattle, and pigs.​​​​​​​
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  • Gaun Poultry Drinker Red & White

    Gaun Poultry Drinker Red & White

    From: £4.20
    Perfect drinker for all types of poultry and wild game birds. The round shapep top makes it difficult to over tip. Easy to twist-lock and clean.
    1.5 Litres
    3 Litres
    5 Litres
    8 Litres
    10 Litres
  • GW Camelibra NG-2 20kg

    GW Camelibra NG-2 20kg

    Very Digestible 2mm Pellets, Camelibra NG-2 is a high specification complementary feed supplement.
  • GWF Fibregest 20kg

    GWF Fibregest 20kg

    A high specification non-soak, non-heating conditioning feed for sustaining horses and ponies in all levels of work. 
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  • Harrisons Nyger Seed

    Harrisons Nyger Seed

    From: £6.45
    Attracts colourful birds such as Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Siskins. A small oil rich seed packed with energy.
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  • Harrisons Premium Peanuts

    Harrisons Premium Peanuts

    From: £6.99
    High in energy, protein and oils. Attracts a variety of garden birds. Certified Aflatoxin safe.
  • Harrisons Songbird Mix 2kg

    Harrisons Songbird Mix 2kg

    A high energy mix of specially blended fruits, berries and seeds, designed to attract ground feeding Songbirds such as Blackbirds.
  • Harrisons Sunflower Hearts

    Harrisons Sunflower Hearts

    From: £4.80
    The Walter Harrisons Sunflower Hearts are ideal for all year round feeding, packed with energy and essential oils.
  • Harrisons Ultimate Goldfinch Mix 2kg

    Harrisons Ultimate Goldfinch Mix 2kg

    A rich mix of premium seeds and grains to attract a wide variety of Finches. Can be fed all year round from a bird table or seed feeder.
  • Harrisons Wild Bird Mix

    Harrisons Wild Bird Mix

    From: £2.45
    Carefully selected nutritious mix designed to attract a variety of birds.
  • Hen House Freshener 2kg

    Hen House Freshener 2kg

    A safe long lasting powder disinfectant to keep coups and other small housing fresh. Helps to keep those ammonia smells away.
  • Hibiscrub


    From: £9.30
    An antibacterial wash which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses.
    5 Litres
  • Hilton Herbs Herballs

    Hilton Herbs Herballs

    From: £3.30
    The ultimate natural treat. Remember it’s not just horses and ponies that love Herballs, our customers use them to reward their dogs, llamas and even chinchillas!
  • Home Farm Chick Crumb 20kg

    Home Farm Chick Crumb 20kg

    Provides essential nutrients and a good level of quality protein to support overall health and even growth.
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  • Home Farm Layers Pellets 20kg

    Home Farm Layers Pellets 20kg

    A fully balanced with all the vitamins and minerals and natural, wholesome ingredients for the free-range hen.
  • Horslyx Smallholder Block

    Horslyx Smallholder Block

    From: £11.60
    Provides essential vitamins, minerals to all classes of grazing livestock along with additional energy and protein.
  • Infrared Heat Bulb 250w

    Infrared Heat Bulb 250w

    This Infrared Bulb 250W is a high quality infrared bulb designed to keep animals warm. It is perfect for keeping young animals or birds warm at night to aid healing & growth.
  • J&J Peanut Feeder

    J&J Peanut Feeder

    From: £5.69
    The safe and effective way to feed peabuts to wild birds.
  • J&J Wild Bird Seed Feeder 30cm

    J&J Wild Bird Seed Feeder 30cm

    A specially designed feeder for all types of seeds and seed blends. The safe and effective way to feed wild birds.
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  • Jeyes Fluid

    Jeyes Fluid

    From: £16.90
    A multi purpose cleaner from neutralising odours and killing bacteria to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess.
    1 Litre
    5 Litres
  • Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    A disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your bin. For indoor and outdoor use.
  • JonDo Mixed Poultry Grit 25kg

    JonDo Mixed Poultry Grit 25kg

    JonDo Mixed Poultry Grit with Oystershell is a combination of soluble and non-soluble grits to help maintain healthy poultry.
  • Jug Feed Scoop 1 Litre

    Jug Feed Scoop 1 Litre

    The Jug Feed Scoop is lightweight, rot and rust proof, a one-piece construction, tough and durable with a non-stick finish.
  • KRUTEX Examination Latex Gloves

    KRUTEX Examination Latex Gloves

    KRUTEX Latex Examination Gloves, Powder free. ​​​​​​​Extra thin for increased sensitivity and feel. 
  • Liquid Paraffin 500ml

    Liquid Paraffin 500ml

    Liquid paraffin is a tried and tested treatment for animals suffering from constipation or colic.
  • Meadow Grass Hay

    Meadow Grass Hay

    Meadow Hay. Free from ragwort. Suitable for horses, ponies, small animals and livestock. 
  • Megazorb 20kg

    Megazorb 20kg

    MEGAZORB is a highly absorbent horse bedding that is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, a by-product of the paper making industry.
  • Mollichaff Donkey 18kg

    Mollichaff Donkey 18kg

    Mollichaff Donkey is a highly palatable mix containing a balanced blend of dried grass, fibre pellets, oat straw, and soya oil with camomile, mint and lemon balm.
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  • NAF Life-Guard Tonic 250ml

    NAF Life-Guard Tonic 250ml

    Life-Guard Tonic is natural supplement that will improve the diet, support the immune system and maintain healthy birds, at all stages of life.
  • Nature's Grub Fruit & Berry Pecking Block 280g

    Nature's Grub Fruit & Berry Pecking Block 280g

    A boredom busting complementary block consisting of garlic, herbs and seaweed to keep your birds occupied for hours. Containing wheat, maize, seaweed, mint, oregano and grit.
  • Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

    Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

    Natural sources of vitamins and minerals including calcium for a nutritionally balanced diet. Suitable for bantams.
  • Oyster Shell 25kg

    Oyster Shell 25kg

    Oyster shell grit is used to provide poultry with enough calcium to produce strong bones and good egg shells.