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  • Animalintex Poultice Dressing

    Animalintex Poultice Dressing

    Licenced multi-layered poultice and wound dressing. The original and best absorbent multi-layered dressing.
  • Bandage Tape

    Bandage Tape

    A generous roll of good quality tape. Secure and durable.
  • Barrier Enhanced Fly Spray

    Barrier Enhanced Fly Spray

    From: £11.60
    Designed to help protect against the effects of midge bites. Can be applied directly to sore areas.
    500ml Refill
  • Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    100% natural formulation. Effectively repels all types of sucking and biting lice and mite for up to 24 hours.
  • Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Suitable for use on all animals. For use on superficial wounds, cuts, abrasions, scabs, bites, cracked, sore heels and other seasonal related problems.
  • Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

    From: £12.40
    A super high strength formulation, Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent is a 100% natural solution to even the most persistent bloodsucking and nuisance insects.
    500ml Refill
    5 Litres
    1 Litre
    1 Litre Refill
  • Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Suitable for application to cuts and wounds to maintain the optimum conditions for the natural healing process.
  • Battles Petroleum Jelly 350g

    Battles Petroleum Jelly 350g

    For all general external veterinary use, ideally used as a moisturiser to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations​​​​​​​.
  • Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    The ORIGINAL yellow cream. A soothing, antibacterial fly cream for cuts/grazes on horses or maggot fly problems in sheep.
  • Battles Udder Cream 400g

    Battles Udder Cream 400g

    A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores on skin.
  • Battles Wound Powder 125g

    Battles Wound Powder 125g

    An absorbent and antibacterial powder which is easy to apply. For use on minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches.
  • Canovel Eye Drops 10ml

    Canovel Eye Drops 10ml

    Canovel Eye Drops are suitable for animals of all sizes. Lubricating and moisturising eye drops to soothe eyes.
  • Canvas Poultice Boot

    Canvas Poultice Boot

    From: £14.10
    A waterproof, lightweight canvas poultice boot with a reinforced sole and secure velcro fastening, to help keep the dressing clean and in place.
    Small (12cm)
    Extra Large (18cm)
  • D.J.M Sole Support - Medium

    D.J.M Sole Support - Medium

    The DJM sole support is ideal for addressing hoof injury & infections. For the aid of Laminitis, corns and bruised soles. Can be used as a poultice & washed and re-applied.
  • Derma Gel 100ml

    Derma Gel 100ml

    For intensive and rapid skin care, plus a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants.
  • Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel 225g

    Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel 225g

    A soothing Aloe Vera gel to optimise skin condition. This gentle moisturising gel is beneficial for minor skin irritations and damaged skin.
  • Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream 240g

    Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream 240g

    A protective antibacterial wound cream for horses. Combining the antibacterial and soothing benefits of zinc oxide and tea tree oil.
  • Disposable Syringe

    Disposable Syringe

    From: £0.16
    Quality three part syringe with a rubber piston for excellent suction. Barrels are marked with very clear graduations.
  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

    From: £7.60
    Strong durable tap. Also known as silver tap.
    50mm x 50m
    75mm x 50m
  • Equi Cool Towel

    Equi Cool Towel

    A rectangular towel that provides rapid cooling relief after immersing in water. Perfect for providing relief on a hot day, or after exercise.
  • Equi-Lab Worm Count Kits For Horses

    Equi-Lab Worm Count Kits For Horses

    From: £15.49
    An easy to use worming kit for your horse. Post using a pre-paid envelope and the results and an explanation is posted back to you.
    1 x Horse Kit
    2 x Horse Kit
  • Equi-Life Weigh Tape

    Equi-Life Weigh Tape

    Aids dietary management and removes the guesswork from medicine dosing.
  • Equine America Fungatrol Cream 400ml

    Equine America Fungatrol Cream 400ml

    The Fungatrol has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, which will protect your horses skin, coat and hooves all year round.
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  • Equine America Stinger Fly 750ml

    Equine America Stinger Fly 750ml

    An effective spray for the relief of flying and biting insects for up to 7 hours depending on the weather conditions. 
  • First Aid Carry Case

    First Aid Carry Case

    Handy first aid carry case for carrying human or veterinary items. (Supplied Empty)
  • First Aid Flexoplast 7.5cm

    First Aid Flexoplast 7.5cm

    A ventilated elastic veterinary adhesive bandage. Strong, woven elasticated fabric with centre guideline to aid application.
  • First Aid Kit Complete

    First Aid Kit Complete

    A handy first aid kit containing the essential items. Poultice, Thermometer, Green Oil Spray, Antibacterial Powder & Skin Ointment.
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  • Groom Away Sun Cream 200ml

    Groom Away Sun Cream 200ml

    A high protection UVB30 sun cream, developed to protect sensitive skin and areas at risk of sunburn.
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  • Hibiscrub


    From: £7.80
    An antibacterial wash which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses.
    5 Litres
  • Hydrophane Cribox 450g

    Hydrophane Cribox 450g

    The trusted way for deterring horses from crib-biting and gnawing wooden rails. Used by horse riders for generations.
  • Hydrophane Cribox Liquid 250ml

    Hydrophane Cribox Liquid 250ml

    A clear, colourless liquid for application to wooden doors, rugs and bandages etc. to deter chewing and gnawing.
  • Hydrophane Cribox Paint 400ml

    Hydrophane Cribox Paint 400ml

    The same trusted Cribox in an easy to apply paint presentation to prevent horses from crib-biting and gnawing wooden rails. With brush.
  • Hydrophane Leg Grease 1kg

    Hydrophane Leg Grease 1kg

    Helps get your horse over cross country fences. Easily removed after competing. Give yourself the winning edge.
  • Ice Tight Clay 3.4kg

    Ice Tight Clay 3.4kg

    This effective 24-hour leg clay needs one application and can be used instead of tubbing, icing or hosing.
  • Kaolin Poultice 4kg

    Kaolin Poultice 4kg

    For the external use on animals to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Can be used hot, cold or natural.
  • Keratex Mud Shield Powder 450g

    Keratex Mud Shield Powder 450g

    This powder has several actions: it waterproofs and disinfects legs and provides a silky layer to leg hair, helping mud to slide off easily.
  • Leovet Bio Skin Oil 500ml

    Leovet Bio Skin Oil 500ml

    The optimal care in summer for skin irritations and sweet itch. Bio-sulphurous fluid soothes bothersome itching and rubbing tendencies.
  • Leovet No Rub 500ml

    Leovet No Rub 500ml

    Effective against dandruff and mane and tail rubbing. It is a very effective hair lotion for base of mane and tail.
  • Leovet Power Phaser

    Leovet Power Phaser

    From: £21.95
    Natural ingredients and active substances with modern long duration technology for protection for your horse, for up to seven hours.
    550ml Spray
    2.5 Litre - Refill
  • Leovet Propolis Gel 500ml

    Leovet Propolis Gel 500ml

    A natural antibiotic. Helps in protection of surface wounds, saddle/girth pressure and cracked heels.
  • Lincoln Muddy Kure Powder 15g

    Lincoln Muddy Kure Powder 15g

    Fast, effective therapy for mud fever. Scientifically proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever.
  • NAF Arnica Gel 400g

    NAF Arnica Gel 400g

    A smooth, cooling gel to soothe minor strains, sprains and bruising following muscular exertion, knock or blow.
  • NAF Citronella Band

    NAF Citronella Band

    The citronella oil to be contained in the wrist band making it highly durable, waterproof and convenient to use.
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  • NAF Citronella Spray

    NAF Citronella Spray

    From: £11.99
    Long lasting, effective Citronella spray for summer coats.
    750ml Spray
    2.5 Litres Refill
  • NAF Citronella Tag

    NAF Citronella Tag

    This silicone NAF Off Citronella Tag is made with citronella oil making it highly durable, waterproof and convenient to use.
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  • NAF Citronella Wash

    NAF Citronella Wash

    From: £7.99
    Refreshing, naturally scented, no-rinse body wash for horses.
    1 Litre
  • NAF Cotton Wool 350g

    NAF Cotton Wool 350g

    The super soft NaturalintX Cotton Wool Roll is made from 100% natural cotton fibres for maximum absorbency.
  • NAF Crib Stop 500ml

    NAF Crib Stop 500ml

    An unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse from biting wood and other hard surfaces.
  • NAF Deet Power Gel 750ml

    NAF Deet Power Gel 750ml

    Introducing NAF's five star No Fly Zone. Long lasting protection against flies, horse flies and insect menace.
  • NAF Deet Power Spray

    NAF Deet Power Spray

    From: £17.99
    Introducing NAF's five star No Fly Zone. All day protection against flies and insect menace.
    750ml Spray
    2.5 Litres Refill
    5 Litres Refill
  • NAF Dressing 500g

    NAF Dressing 500g

    The softly cushioned NaturalintX Dressing protects and insulates the leg to support minor wound management.
  • NAF EquiCleanse 500ml

    NAF EquiCleanse 500ml

    Designed for safe and effective wound management and proven to kill 99.9% of all known germs dead,
  • NAF Event Grease 1kg

    NAF Event Grease 1kg

    Event Grease has been developed to provide premium protection for your horse while out on the cross country course.
  • NAF Ice Cool Clay 3kg

    NAF Ice Cool Clay 3kg

    A naturally therapy to cool, soothe and tighten sore, tired legs and tendons following strenuous exercise.
  • NAF Ice Cool Gels

    NAF Ice Cool Gels

    From: £12.95
    A super cooling gel which cools and freshens your horse’s legs after hard work or strenuous exercise.
    1 Litre
    2.5 Litres