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  • All Purpose Broom

    All Purpose Broom

    Excellent sweeping qualities and very long lasting plastic bristles.
  • Aquasol Salt Tablets 25kg

    Aquasol Salt Tablets 25kg

    Aquasol 25kg tablet salt is suitable for use in all types of water softeners. Made from high purity salt.
  • Bramton Urine Destroyer 1 Litre

    Bramton Urine Destroyer 1 Litre

    Neutralizes even the toughest urine odours fast. Formulated to specifically clean mess from pets such as vomit, urine and faeces.
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  • BroomRaker


    A combination of broom and rake which eliminates the need for two tools which makes this an excellent all-round tool.
  • Channel Broom 24"

    Channel Broom 24"

    The Channel Broom 24" perfect for stables and yards, great for anywhere keeping equines and animals.
  • Dirty Dog Doormats

    Dirty Dog Doormats

    Welcome Your Pet But Not The Mess! The Dirty Dog Doormat magically soaks up water, dirt, and mud so the mess stays in the mat.
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    One Size (31" x 20")
  • Equestrian Design Apron

    Equestrian Design Apron

    £7.30 £9.15
    Stay clean in style when you're doing dirty work in the kitchen, in the garden, or at the BBQ with this horse themed apron.
  • Gorilla Broom - New Colours - 50cm

    Gorilla Broom - New Colours - 50cm

    The Gorilla Broom® has built-in features include an integrated scraper blade, making removing ‘stuck bits’ even easier.
  • Hotmax 20kg

    Hotmax 20kg

    HOTMAX wood briquettes are an ideal source of heat for your home in winter and for outdoor use in summer.
  • Jeyes Fluid

    Jeyes Fluid

    From: £16.90
    A multi purpose cleaner from neutralising odours and killing bacteria to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess.
    1 Litre
    5 Litres
  • Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    A disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your bin. For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Lincoln Corn Broom

    Lincoln Corn Broom

    A traditional standard size, wooden handled corn broom.
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  • O'Tom Tick Twister

    O'Tom Tick Twister

    The indispensable accessory for removing ticks. The Tick Twister® enables a quick and painless removal.
  • Pest Stop Fly Swatter

    Pest Stop Fly Swatter

    A high-quality plastic fly swatter has a long handle for extra-reach includes
  • Red Gorilla Teenie Tidee

    Red Gorilla Teenie Tidee

    Teenie Tidee companion set complete with scoop, rake & broom. Perfect size for children, lorries and horse boxes.
  • Retractable Tack Room Broom

    Retractable Tack Room Broom

    The Tack Room Broom is a lightweight household broom created with synthetic fibers and constructed from plastic and wood.
  • Road Salt Grit 25kg

    Road Salt Grit 25kg

    Bag of road salt ideal for gritting pathways, patios or yards in icy conditions.
  • Snow Shovel

    Snow Shovel

    Tough blade with wooden handle. Ideal for moving snow, mulch, compost and other similar material.
  • Soft Coco Broom Head 12"

    Soft Coco Broom Head 12"

    A soft broom head is made from coco fibre which is ideal for indoors or for dry dusty conditions.
  • Stable Shovel D Grip

    Stable Shovel D Grip

    The shovel has been designed to handle bulky materials and makes light work of the heaviest jobs.
  • STOPDROPLET Cotton Reusable Face Masks

    STOPDROPLET Cotton Reusable Face Masks

    A face mask used to reduce the risk of infection by eliminating the dispersion of droplets and aerosols that occur during a cough or sneeze.
  • STV All Weather Block Bait2

    STV All Weather Block Bait2

    From: £7.15
    The universal size means it fits all bait stations, but must be used within a tamper-proof bait station.
    Pack of 15
    Pack of 30
  • Super Barrow 90 Litres Wheelbarrow

    Super Barrow 90 Litres Wheelbarrow

    The 90 Litre capacity wheelbarrow is ideal for size and balance, it has a high quality plastic body with a strong, single piece black frame.
  • Tub Trug 75 Litres

    Tub Trug 75 Litres

    Made with food grade material, Tubtrugs® Flexible are 100% safe for feed and water. This Tubtrug® is perfect for soaking hay… put handles together to drain water, and then feed direct!
  • Tub Trug Medium 26 Litres

    Tub Trug Medium 26 Litres

    The 26 Litres Medium Gorilla Tub® is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. You can use this tub for everything!
  • Ultra Lite Shovel

    Ultra Lite Shovel

    This shovel is ultra lightweight and easy to handle. The perfect all-rounder!
  • Wooden handle PVC Broom Head

    Wooden handle PVC Broom Head

    From: £21.20
    High quality British made PVC brooms for tough cleaning on wet or dry surfaces.
    18" Head
    24" Head