Horse Toys

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  • Carrot Ball

    Carrot Ball

    Boredom and stress busting, your horse or pony will love playing with the Carrot Ball.
  • Elico Equine Decahedron

    Elico Equine Decahedron

    A twenty-sided, Equine Boredom-Buster. Fill with pony nuts or treats and let the horse play - with tasty rewards.
  • Jolly Ball

    Jolly Ball

    The ultimate ball to relieve boredom and stress. Resists deflation from biting, punches or kicking.
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  • Likit Boredom Breaker

    Likit Boredom Breaker

    The Boredom Breaker in a combination toy that includes a Likit Holder and a robust ball with inserts for two Little Likits.
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  • Likit Holder

    Likit Holder

    Supplied with a strong colourful nylon rope, just add a likit (sold separately) to give your horse hours of fun.
  • Likit Snak-a-Ball

    Likit Snak-a-Ball

    Designed to be filled with dry horse food, the ball delivers small amounts of food when pushed around by the horse.
  • Likit Starter Kit

    Likit Starter Kit

    This great gift product is ideal for anyone thinking about starting with Likits.