Head Pieces & Slips

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  • Bridleway Lavello Comfort Headpiece

    Bridleway Lavello Comfort Headpiece

    This pressure relieving headpiece has a generous depth and ergonomic shape to help dissipate pressure over the poll and adds comfort around the ears.
  • Elico Bridle Keepers Brown

    Elico Bridle Keepers Brown

    Rubber bridle keepers are very useful to replace the leather bridle keepers when lost or broken on a bridle.
  • Hy Slip Headpiece

    Hy Slip Headpiece

    Ideal when used as a replacement, paired with a chifney or used in a double bridle.
  • Jeffries Falcon Headpiece 5/8"

    Jeffries Falcon Headpiece 5/8"

    Another one of Jeffries finest leather work in the falcon range. The Falcon headpiece matches up to the rest of the Falcon range.
  • Shires Blenheim Headpiece

    Shires Blenheim Headpiece

    Made from Blenheim quality leather, this headpiece can be used with the rest of the Blenheim range of leather work.
  • Shires Blenheim Sliphead

    Shires Blenheim Sliphead

    Make your snaffle bridle into a double with this slip head, with buckle billets and made from Blenheim quality leather.