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  • Equilibrium Vitamunch Net

    Equilibrium Vitamunch Net

    The Munch Net is a cute small hole net perfect to serve vitamunch and munch snacks to your horse or pony.
  • KM Elite Elim-A-Net

    KM Elite Elim-A-Net

    Much more than your average haynet! The 'Inner Net Design'™ creates a physical barrier which alters the shape and size of the holes compared to a standard haynet to prevent rapid forage consumption and over eating.
  • KM Elite Haynet with Rings 40"

    KM Elite Haynet with Rings 40"

    A strong and durable haynets, the KM Elite Deluxe Haynet is made from extra strong polyethylene and steel rings/hooks. The haynet is fitted with small holes to prevents the horses from gorging and eating too quickly.
  • KM Elite Small/Travel Haynet 23"

    KM Elite Small/Travel Haynet 23"

    A strong durable haynet. that is excellent use for laminitic horse or ponies and ideal to keep in the lorry for travelling.
  • Lincoln Spring Balance

    Lincoln Spring Balance

    A high quality spring balance featuring a steel wire hook. Ideal for weighing hay.
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  • Shires Deluxe Hay Bag Navy

    Shires Deluxe Hay Bag Navy

    Tough, practical and easy to fill, the small feeding area of this hay bag makes it useful for controlled feeding and restricted diets and can offer greater entertainment for stabled horses.
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  • Shires Deluxe Haylage Net

    Shires Deluxe Haylage Net

    Extra strong haylage net with a large ring at base, strong hanging rope and small holes to make forage last longer.
  • Shires Deluxe Haynet 40"

    Shires Deluxe Haynet 40"

    Extra strong haynet featuring metal rings at the bottom and around the top enabling easy filling and tying. Mesh features 5.5cm (2.25") holes to reduce wastage. 40" (102cm) long (Capacity: 6.5kg)
  • Shires Greedy Feeder Net

    Shires Greedy Feeder Net

    Slow your greedy feeder down for better digestion and extended stable activity. Very small holes let hay or haylage out slowly and make the horse have to work harder and greatly reduces the amount of wastage on the stable floor.
  • Shires Haylage Net

    Shires Haylage Net

    These nets are suitable for hay or haylage. Fine mesh holes ensure hay lasts longer and there is less wastage on the stable floor.