Harrisons Suet Block With Added Seeds & Insects

Product code: 0000015830-000035270
High energy boost of nutritious suet with added fruit to attract a variety of birds into your garden.

A highly nutritious treat for wild birds, the Walter Harrisons Suet Block contains essential fats, oils, seeds and insects for optimum health, promoting a no mess no waste tasty and beneficial treat.

Specifically developed to give birds an extra boost of energy, particularly essential during winter months when food is scarce or during the breeding and moulting seasons, the Walter Harrisons Suet Block is formulated with high quality ingredients for a high calorie, high energy food source.

Ideal for feeding alone or in a handy Suet Cage, the Walter Harrisons Suet Block attracts a wide variety of wild birds to your garden, and is ideal for all year round feeding.

Seed & Insect Flavour: Beef Suet (49.7%), Wheat Flour, Peanut Flour, Millet Seed (2.2%), Linseed (2.2%), Rapeseed (2.2%), Dried Insects (0.4%). Additives: Colouring.


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Type Suet & Fat
Product Code 0000015830-000035270
Weight 0.3kg