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  • Amigo® Headcollar

    Amigo® Headcollar

    A strong webbing headcollar with padded nose and headpiece. Silver finish buckles with quick release side clip.
  • Amigo® Leather Padded Headcollar

    Amigo® Leather Padded Headcollar

    Made from quality eco-friendly leather. With a quick release cheek clip, padded noseband and headpiece and a brass name plate.
  • Amigo® Travel Boots

    Amigo® Travel Boots

    Tough outer shell, fleece lined with easy clean polyester strip at bottom.
  • Argentinian Style Headcollar

    Argentinian Style Headcollar

    A high quality Argentinian headcollars add style and colour to your equipment.
  • Bridleway Break Free Headcollar

    Bridleway Break Free Headcollar

    A fully adjustable headcollar that is perfect for turning your horse or pony out in the field. Touch and close fastenings for quick release.
  • Bridleway Fleece Headcollar

    Bridleway Fleece Headcollar

    A fully adjustable headcollar with generous fleece padding to provide maximum comfort for your horse.
  • Bridleway Travel Boots - Pony

    Bridleway Travel Boots - Pony

    The bridleway travel boots are suitable for all horses but their flexibility makes them ideal for horses unused to wearing travel boots.
  • Bridleway Velvet Headcollar

    Bridleway Velvet Headcollar

    £8.75 £10.95
    A striking headcollar featuring padded, velvety lining to the nose, cheeks and head for added horse comfort.
  • Caldene Amethyst Browband - Black - Cob

    Caldene Amethyst Browband - Black - Cob

    The Caldene Amethyst Swarovski Browband is a stunning leather browband with inset Swarovski crystals that will add a touch of glamour to your horse's bridle.
  • Connolly Hide Care 284ml

    Connolly Hide Care 284ml

    A traditional lanoline based bees' wax treatment for fine leather goods, upholstery and clothing.
  • Effax Leather Balsam 500ml

    Effax Leather Balsam 500ml

    Extremely valuable leather care with substances which ensure long life and reliability of leather equipment.
  • Effax Leather Grease 500ml

    Effax Leather Grease 500ml

    After cleaning, simply apply to leather as a conditioner. Natural raw ingredients replenish lost grease.
  • Effax Leather Soft 500ml

    Effax Leather Soft 500ml

    As a result of the special mixture of lanolin and avocado oil, the leather becomes supple, tear-proof and soft.
  • Equi Tie Single Pink

    Equi Tie Single Pink

    A rubber break point should your horse panic. The safe alternative to a loop of string.
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  • Equi-Ping Tie

    Equi-Ping Tie

    Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard.
  • Foal Headcollar

    Foal Headcollar

    This headcollar has been specially designed to fit foals. Fully adjustable on the nose, head and throat for a perfect fit. Available in Black, Navy, Red & Royal Blue.
  • Horseman's One Step 425g

    Horseman's One Step 425g

    A convenient one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat and salt while helping to restore a natural shine.
  • Horseware Feildsafe Headcollar - Green

    Horseware Feildsafe Headcollar - Green

    £18.00 £24.00
    Durable headcollar with quick release cheek clip, adjustable noseband and a reusable Velcro release point for safe use in the field.
  • Hy Headcollar & Lead Rope

    Hy Headcollar & Lead Rope

    Full adjustable headcollar with faux fur for extra comfort, complete with matching lead rope.
  • Hy Leather Foal Slip - Brown

    Hy Leather Foal Slip - Brown

    Leather slip with solid brass fittings a short handle attached to the ring. A quality, value for money slip. Ideal for the show ring and everyday use.
  • Hy Lunge Cavesson - Full

    Hy Lunge Cavesson - Full

    Made from polypropylene web with strong metal nose fittings and padded base. 3 buckle, fully adjustable on head, nose and throat.
  • Hy Poll Guard Black

    Hy Poll Guard Black

    A poll guard in soft, shock absorbent durable neoprene material, to protect the poll when needed.
  • Hy Slip Headpiece

    Hy Slip Headpiece

    Ideal when used as a replacement, paired with a chifney or used in a double bridle.
  • Hydrophane  Saddle Soap

    Hydrophane Saddle Soap

    From: £5.05
    Hyrophane Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap is the traditional way to clean and condition all types of leather tack!
  • James Stirling Foal Headcollar

    James Stirling Foal Headcollar

    A hand sewn headcollar made from English or German quality leather. Adjustable on the head and nose with solid brass fittings (STITCHING IS YELLOW)
  • Jeffries 2 Buckle Leather Headcollar - Full

    Jeffries 2 Buckle Leather Headcollar - Full

    This traditional two buckle, leather headcollar is made by E. Jeffries in Walsall England from best quality bridle leather in havana brown with self-stitching. 
  • Jeffries Cotton Halter

    Jeffries Cotton Halter

    A fully adjustable 3/4" cotton halter with brass fittings suitable for showing.
  • Jeffries Leather Cream 500ml

    Jeffries Leather Cream 500ml

    Jeffries Natural Leathercare has been formulated to maximise the longevity, safety and comfort of your saddlery.
  • JHL Rope Headcollar - Pink/Grey - Pony

    JHL Rope Headcollar - Pink/Grey - Pony

    £18.99 £21.70
    The JHL Rope headcollar has black leather joints and smart brushed chrome fittings.  The chunky colour coordinated rope detail puts a different twist on the traditional headcollar.
  • K M Elite Bungie Tie

    K M Elite Bungie Tie

    These are 23" Trailer ties made from 1/2" bungee cord fitted with a quick-release panic snap on one end and a trigger clip on the other.
  • KM Elite Small/Travel Haynet 23"

    KM Elite Small/Travel Haynet 23"

    A strong durable haynet. that is excellent use for laminitic horse or ponies and ideal to keep in the lorry for travelling.
  • Legacy Headcollar

    Legacy Headcollar

    Designed using the very best high tensile polyester weave with adjustable padded nose and head bands. Available in Grey, Lilac, Purple, Mint, Orange, Pink & Royal Blue.
  • Lincoln Metal Polish 250ml

    Lincoln Metal Polish 250ml

    For use on all non plated metal items. Produces a brilliant shine and offers protection against corrosion.
  • Lincoln Tack Sponge

    Lincoln Tack Sponge

    The sponge scientifically designed to thoroughly clean leather tack without scratching.
  • Mark Todd Tail Guard

    Mark Todd Tail Guard

    Made from a hardwearing cordura nylon outer with a padded lining, this tail guard is quick and easy to use.
  • NAF Leather Balsam 400g

    NAF Leather Balsam 400g

    An intensive conditioner designed to penetrate and nourish tack, keeping it luxuriously soft and supple. With free sponge inside for easy application.
  • NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml

    NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml

    Cleans. Easy to use quick drying everyday cleaner to swiftly lift and remove grease, sweat and dirt from leather tack, leaving it clean and ready to be conditioned.
  • NAF Neatsfoot Oil 500ml

    NAF Neatsfoot Oil 500ml

    Softens and Preserves. The traditional choice to nourish and re-hydrate dried out, brittle leather, or to soften new tack.
  • NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Food 500ml

    NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Food 500ml

    Feed and nourish your tack with this luxurious rich lotion to revitalise and moisturise recently cleaned or new leatherwork.
  • NAF Soft Soap 450g

    NAF Soft Soap 450g

    Cleans & Protects. Easy to apply glycerine based saddle soap with citronella for use on leather tack.
  • NAF Solid  Soap 250g

    NAF Solid Soap 250g

    Cleans & Protects. A traditional glycerine based saddle soap bar with citronella for use on all leather tack.
  • NAF Synthetic Spray 500ml

    NAF Synthetic Spray 500ml

    A quick tack cleaner to effortlessly transform dirty, soiled synthetic tack. Suitable for all synthetic tack including saddles, bridles and boots.
  • Oakwood Saddle Soap 500ml

    Oakwood Saddle Soap 500ml

    Excellent product for cleaning saddles, bridles, boots and all equine related leather. Specially formulated with a neutral pH.
  • Polo Fleece Lined Headcollar

    Polo Fleece Lined Headcollar

    Featuring a polo style pattern, this printed webbing headcollar offers classic style. For cosy comfort, the headcollar is lined with fleece.
    Extra Full
  • Rambo® Padded Headcollar

    Rambo® Padded Headcollar

    Fully adjustable webbing headcollar with thick padded fleece lined nose and headpiece for extra comfort.
  • Rapide Leather Gel 200ml

    Rapide Leather Gel 200ml

    Rapide Leathergel is developed to clean and feed leather it will keep your tack supple, water resistant and lustrous.
  • Shires Adjustable Headcollar

    Shires Adjustable Headcollar

    This headcollar is adjustable at the head and nose and benefits from a clip-on throatlash. Available in Black, Navy, Green, Purple & Red.
  • Shires Blenheim Sliphead

    Shires Blenheim Sliphead

    Make your snaffle bridle into a double with this slip head, with buckle billets and made from Blenheim quality leather.
  • Shires Bungee Lunge Line - Red

    Shires Bungee Lunge Line - Red

    Lunge with confidence using the bungee lunge line which calms and takes the tension out of the rope. Swivel trigger clip and supplied with a reusable storage bag. 7.5 meters (25') long
  • Shires Chifney

    Shires Chifney

    The Chifney is not designed for riding, but is perfect for leading difficult horses or those that are likely to rear up.
  • Shires Deluxe Hay Bag Navy

    Shires Deluxe Hay Bag Navy

    Tough, practical and easy to fill, the small feeding area of this hay bag makes it useful for controlled feeding and restricted diets and can offer greater entertainment for stabled horses.
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  • Shires Lunging Aid - One Size

    Shires Lunging Aid - One Size

    This training aid gently encourages the horse to work correctly by strengthening the back, stretching the top line, maintaining muscle tone and building muscle in youngsters.
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  • Shires Lunging Roller - Full

    Shires Lunging Roller - Full

    The Shires Lunging Roller Has Been Made From A Strong Union Web Material With D Rings And Good Quality Leather.
  • Shires Neoprene Tail Guard Black

    Shires Neoprene Tail Guard Black

    The neoprene tail guard is easy to put on, protects the dock from injury, keeps plaits in the tail and is great for horses that rub when being transported.
  • Shires Padded Leather Headcollar

    Shires Padded Leather Headcollar

    This striking leather headcollar features generous padding on the headpiece and noseband making it particularly suitable when travelling.
  • Shires Rope Control Headcollar

    Shires Rope Control Headcollar

    Lightweight and simple to fit. The knots apply pressure when the horse pulls against the halter - useful where more control is required.
  • Shires Soft Feel Lunge Line

    Shires Soft Feel Lunge Line

    Soft tubular nylon web lunge rein featuring swivel trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other.
  • Tail Bandage 3" Wide

    Tail Bandage 3" Wide

    Elasticated bandage with tie fastening. Length 3m and width 7.5cm.
  • The Convenience Clip

    The Convenience Clip

    The Shires Equestrian Convenience Clip will convert your front buckle blankets to quick clip fastenings.
  • Weatherbeeta Elastic Surcingle

    Weatherbeeta Elastic Surcingle

    Weatherbeeta Elastic Rug Surcingle is used to keep rugs in place to stop them from twisting round or slipping.
  • Woof Contour Headcollar & Lead Rope

    Woof Contour Headcollar & Lead Rope

    The Contour head collar comes with a matching double braided cotton lead rope, designed for comfort and grip.