Buckets & Mangers

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  • BITZ Bucket Brush

    BITZ Bucket Brush

    A sturdy plastic soft grip brush with strong long plastic bristles. Suitable for use on cleaning feed bowls and buckets .
  • Bitz Sugarbeet Bucket Cover

    Bitz Sugarbeet Bucket Cover

    Sugar beet printed in bold on cover to avoid confusion over feeds. Approximate diameter 43cm.
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  • Bucket Cover - Evening

    Bucket Cover - Evening

    Evening feed printed nylon fabric with elasticated hem fits over feed/water buckets.
  • Equerry Bucket Brush

    Equerry Bucket Brush

    The ultimate bucket brush​​​​​​​ ergonomically shaped with soft touch backsc, easy to grip and angled to get into the corners of the bucket.​​​​​​​
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  • Hook Over Portable Manger

    Hook Over Portable Manger

    Made from strong frost proof polythene with metal hooks to hook over stable door or field gate.
  • Hy Bucket Brush

    Hy Bucket Brush

    Two tone, soft touch multi-purpose brush for the stable and yard with a plastic colour co-ordinating handle.
  • Pack Away Bucket

    Pack Away Bucket

    The amazing fully collapsible 7 litre rigid bucket. The bucket folds fully flat therefore conserving space. Ideal for watering your animal in transit and at shows.
  • Shires Flat Sided Bucket

    Shires Flat Sided Bucket

    This will not slop against your leg like a round bucket. Galvanised handle and a tough yet lightweight.
  • Tub Trug 75 Litres

    Tub Trug 75 Litres

    Made with food grade material, Tubtrugs® Flexible are 100% safe for feed and water. This Tubtrug® is perfect for soaking hay… put handles together to drain water, and then feed direct!
  • Tub Trug Large 38 Litres

    Tub Trug Large 38 Litres

    The Large Gorilla Tub® 38 Litres features the golf patterned handles which make Gorilla Tub® easy to carry around.
  • Tub Trug Medium 26 Litres

    Tub Trug Medium 26 Litres

    The 26 Litres Medium Gorilla Tub® is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. You can use this tub for everything!
  • Tub Trug Shallow Large 35 Litres

    Tub Trug Shallow Large 35 Litres

    The 35 Litres Large Shallow Gorilla Tub®, previously known as Tubtrugs is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last.
  • Tub Trug Small 14 Litres

    Tub Trug Small 14 Litres

    The 14 Litres Small Gorilla Tub® is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last.
  • Tub Trug Tops

    Tub Trug Tops

    From: £5.20
    Instantly transform your tubtrugs into the ultimate stackable storage solution with these fabulous solid lids.
  • Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

    Tyre Rubber Feed Skip

    From: £9.99
    The Tyre Rubber Feed Skip is made from recycled tyres and is an ideal skip for animals. This skip is perfect for heavy duty and is strong, flexible and long-lasting. 
    Small (S1)
    Medium (S2)
  • Water Carrier 25 Litres

    Water Carrier 25 Litres

    High quality plastic stackable water carriers. Ideal for storing, transporting or decanting liquids. 25 litre with standard cap.