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  • 201 Handy Hints

    201 Handy Hints

    201 time and money saving tricks of the trade to make stable management easier and more successful.
  • BHS Stage 2 Workbook

    BHS Stage 2 Workbook

    A valuable self-test and revision aid for candidates working towards their BHS Stage 2 exam.
  • BHS Stage 3 Manual

    BHS Stage 3 Manual

    A revised and fully expanded edition of the BHS's very successful Training Manual for Stage 3.
  • BHS Teaching Riding

    BHS Teaching Riding

    Forty seven pages of example lesson plans, this is an invaluable resource for all instructors.
  • BHS Veterinary Manual

    BHS Veterinary Manual

    This manual is an authoritative, comprehensive and invaluable reference for everyone who rides or looks after horses.
  • Horses Care Caddie Book

    Horses Care Caddie Book

    In this book I'm going to show you how to look after your horse properly. Plus there are fun puzzles all about horse care.
  • Keen Shots by Peter Holt

    Keen Shots by Peter Holt

    The history and current practise of game shooting is examined in this humorous collection of 300 entries on the subject.
  • Pony Club Quiz 1 Book

    Pony Club Quiz 1 Book

    1 of 3 pony club quiz books with different levels of difficulty to suit all abilities.
  • Pony Club Quiz 2 Book

    Pony Club Quiz 2 Book

    The 1001 questions — with 4 levels of difficulty from easy to brainbuster — will test your knowledge of all aspects of equestrianism.