Bedding Disinfectants & Medical

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  • Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Probably the most absorbent bedding money can buy. 100% natural, organically cultivated hemp.
  • Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    Barrier Parasite Repel 500ml

    100% natural formulation. Effectively repels all types of sucking and biting lice and mite for up to 24 hours.
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  • Barrier Pesky Pest 1 Litre

    Barrier Pesky Pest 1 Litre

    A 100% natural, no-rinse wash that penetrates deep down to help protect, soothe and calm irritated, bitten areas.
  • Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Barrier Purple Spray 500ml

    Suitable for use on all animals. For use on superficial wounds, cuts, abrasions, scabs, bites, cracked, sore heels and other seasonal related problems.
  • Barrier Red Mite Powder 500g

    Barrier Red Mite Powder 500g

    Effective repellent to be applied directly to birds and poultry as proactive deterrents to infestation or to rectify an existing problem.
  • Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Battles Green Oil 500ml

    Suitable for application to cuts and wounds to maintain the optimum conditions for the natural healing process.
  • Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    Battles Summer Fly Cream 400g

    The ORIGINAL yellow cream. A soothing, antibacterial fly cream for cuts/grazes on horses or maggot fly problems in sheep.
  • Battles Udder Cream 400g

    Battles Udder Cream 400g

    A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores on skin.
  • Bedmax Shavings Approx 20kg

    Bedmax Shavings Approx 20kg

    BEDMAX shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies.
  • Dengie Fresh Bed

    Dengie Fresh Bed

    From: £9.50
    Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens is a chopped straw bedding with pine oil added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
    50 Litres
    100 Litres
  • Di Martino Mary 5 Pressure Spray

    Di Martino Mary 5 Pressure Spray

    A medium sized pressure sprayer suitable for tack rooms, stable & horse boxes. This sprayer is supplied with a lance, which is particularly resistant to chemical products.
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  • Equimins Dy-nomite 500g

    Equimins Dy-nomite 500g

    The directional nozzle makes it easy to get into all the hen house nooks and crannies where the red mite live.
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  • Fibremax Approx 20kg

    Fibremax Approx 20kg

    FIBREMAX is specifically designed to offer horse owners a sustainable, affordable bedding made from recycled wood fibre.
  • First Aid Carry Case

    First Aid Carry Case

    Handy first aid carry case for carrying human or veterinary items. (Supplied Empty)
  • Hen House Freshener 2kg

    Hen House Freshener 2kg

    A safe long lasting powder disinfectant to keep coups and other small housing fresh. Helps to keep those ammonia smells away.
  • Hibiscrub


    From: £9.30
    An antibacterial wash which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses.
    5 Litres
  • Jeyes Fluid

    Jeyes Fluid

    From: £16.90
    A multi purpose cleaner from neutralising odours and killing bacteria to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess.
    1 Litre
    5 Litres
  • Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    Jeyes Freshbin 550g

    A disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your bin. For indoor and outdoor use.
  • KRUTEX Examination Latex Gloves

    KRUTEX Examination Latex Gloves

    KRUTEX Latex Examination Gloves, Powder free. ​​​​​​​Extra thin for increased sensitivity and feel. 
  • Liquid Paraffin 500ml

    Liquid Paraffin 500ml

    Liquid paraffin is a tried and tested treatment for animals suffering from constipation or colic.
  • Megazorb 20kg

    Megazorb 20kg

    MEGAZORB is a highly absorbent horse bedding that is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, a by-product of the paper making industry.
  • Pillow Wad Straw 2kg

    Pillow Wad Straw 2kg

    Using our bespoke dust extractor and sieve the golden barley straw is un-chopped to ensure it reaches you in peak condition.
  • Poultry Louse Powder 750g

    Poultry Louse Powder 750g

    A ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. This product is not intended for use directly onto the animal.
  • Premium Pure Wood Pellet 15kg

    Premium Pure Wood Pellet 15kg

    Made from 100% sustainably sourced wood and has exceptional moisture absorption and odour neutralising qualities.
  • Straw Bale

    Straw Bale

    Quality bales of Straw. Suitable for a variety of animals. 
  • Sudocream 400g

    Sudocream 400g

    Very popular with many vets for sores, surface wounds etc. It is an antiseptic agent that also has some anaesthetic qualities.
  • Sulphur Powder 2.5kg

    Sulphur Powder 2.5kg

    It's common method is used as an organic insecticide against ticks and mites.
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  • Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Poultry 250g

    Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Poultry 250g

    Made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system, it can therefore provide active control throughout the year.
  • Vetsonic Sirocco Powder 5kg

    Vetsonic Sirocco Powder 5kg

    A horse litter conditioner specially formulated. It absorbs fluids and moisture from litters, hinders conversion of urine to ammonia gases.
  • Virkon-S Disinfectant

    Virkon-S Disinfectant

    From: £2.25
    Highly versatile - surface, equipment, water and aerial disinfection. Ideal for stable block, horse box, tack and equipment cleaning and disinfection.
  • Wahl Ear Cleaner 500ml

    Wahl Ear Cleaner 500ml

    The perfectly balanced formula effectively removes dust, dirt and ear wax with little or no rubbing. Suitable for use on most animal ears.