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  • Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Aubiose Approx 20kg

    Probably the most absorbent bedding money can buy. 100% natural, organically cultivated hemp.
  • Bedmax Shavings Approx 20kg

    Bedmax Shavings Approx 20kg

    BEDMAX shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies.
  • Burlybed Original 20kg

    Burlybed Original 20kg

    A naturally highly absorbent plant, double dust extracted and with no additives. A total natural, economical, low dust, ultra-absorbent, and durable.
  • Fibremax Approx 20kg

    Fibremax Approx 20kg

    FIBREMAX is specifically designed to offer horse owners a sustainable, affordable bedding made from recycled wood fibre.
  • Megazorb 20kg

    Megazorb 20kg

    MEGAZORB is a highly absorbent horse bedding that is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, a by-product of the paper making industry.
  • Pure Wood Pellet 15kg

    Pure Wood Pellet 15kg

    The wood pellet bedding is made from 100% sustainable sourced wood and have with exceptional moisture absorption and odour neutralising qualities.
  • Straw Bale

    Straw Bale

    Quality bales of Straw. Suitable for a variety of animals.